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How the New Trends in Online Dating Will Help You Find Love in 2017

Would it make you feel old if you were told that the first online dating site, is now two decades old?

20 years of online dating probably means that most people using dating apps and dating websites hardly remember the world without it. But if 2016 has shown us anything, it's that we live in an ever-changing world. Here are the hottest trends to look out for if you're looking to get up close and personal online in 2017.

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How Zoosk is Taking Over Canada’s Dating Scene

It’s already been proven that online dating is revolutionizing the way people meet, match and marry. For a lot of singles, being set up by friends and coworkers has been replaced with being matched on a dating site.

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5 leçons pour éviter d’être quétaine sur les sites de rencontres

Ne soyez pas ce celui que tout le monde fuit. Celui qui a fait renoncer certaines à utiliser Tinder™. Celui qui nous met mal à l’aise avant même qu’on a regardé son profil. Pour augmenter vos chances de rencontrer une célibataire québécoise sur les sites de rencontre, ne commettez pas l’une de ces 5 fautes

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5 Reasons Why a Successful Woman Will Make You Look Even More Awesome

The actor Chris Evans was recently in the news as it was revealed he is dating the actress Jenny Slate. While Chris is obviously known for his good looks and dramatic presence, Jenny is more famous for being a successful and powerful comedian. Yes, she is also attractive but she has a lot more going for her than just that. 

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Is Your Love Life Like Beyonce’s?

Beyonce recently launched her visual album Lemonade on HBO and it includes 11 sections which each represent a difficult chapter of her life. For example, there is song about her relationship with...

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Est-ce que votre vie amoureuse ressemble à celle de Beyoncé?

Beyoncé a récemment lancé un nouvel album en format vidéo, Limonade, sur HBO. L’album est composé de 11 chapitres représentant un moment difficile de sa vie. Par exemple, une des chansons parle de la relation avec son père sur un fond de musique gospel. 

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How Manspreading Can Get a Man More Dates

There’s been a lot of press recently about “manspreading” – which is the term used for men who sit with their legs wide open. A recent study by the University of California has shown that if you do Article brief goes here

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